Barbara Ray's Children's Show is always delightful for the end of term treat and early bookings are especially suggested for the Christmas period when Barbara is heavily in demand when everybody wants the same last two weeks of term.

During term time Barbara offers a Punch and Judy Workshop, where she talks about the Punch and Judy tradition, and how it came to be associated with the Seaside.

The fascinating story of how Mr Punch came from Italy to London as a string puppet, recorded by Samuel Pepys, how he transformed into a glove puppet and became a popular Victorian street entertainment and how he followed the crowds to the seaside

can be presented at a level to be appreciated by infants or juniors, and can fit in with Victorian, Creative Writing or Seaside Holidays of the past projects.

The talk is illustrated with pictures and puppets, and includes a performance of the traditional show, and can finish with a Question and Answer session. While this workshop can be compressed to a single period a longer session is preferable.

Teachers who are interested are invited to contact Barbara to discuss this in detail.

TELEPHONE (01302) 320717
Mobile: 077661 96621


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Known throughout the North as a leading children's party entertainer, Barbara Ray is based in Doncaster and travels throughout the Yorkshire area, not only for birthday, christening and wedding parties but also for shopping precinct and store promotions and for her work in schools and pre-school nursery playgroups.